Workgroup Vs Domain

    . Computers in a network can be part of workgroup or domain.
    . Difference is that how resources in network is managed.
    . Computers in home network is a workgroup and computers in offices is domain.

  What is Workgroup?

           . Peer-to-peer connected computers using Microsoft software.
           . Each computer acts as both client and server and has its own database and security principles.
           . Each computer has set of user accounts. If we wanted to use any computer on that workgroup, we need to have account on that computer.
           . All computers must be on same local network and shares files, printers, internet in that network.
           . Workgroup can contain only 10-20 computers together.


           . Easy to share resources.
           . Expertized administration is not required.
           . Easy to implement and less expensive.
           . Suitable to connect computer in small network.


           . No centralized data administration.
           . Security is minimal.
           . There will be no control over resources.
           . Not suitable to connect more than 20 computers.

 What is Domain?

           . One or number of computers in domain are servers called "domain controllers".
           . It maintains client- server relationship.
           . Network administrator handle data in the server and provides security.
           . Computers can be from different networks.
           . In order to login to the server, we can use user account of that particular domain. No need to have separate account on each computer.
           . It can connect 1000s of computers.


           . Centralized data administration.
           . Security of data, user and groups.
           . User can log on from any workstation and use resources.
           . Connects computers from worldwide upto some 1000s.


           . More complex to administer domain controller.

   Workgroup Vs Domain:

NetworkPeer-to-peer Client-server
DatabaseEach computer has different databaseDatabase exists in domain controller
SecurityIndividually given to each computerProvided by domain controller
ConnectionsOnly in a single LANWorldwide connecting multiple LANS
No.of computers10-20To some 1000s
AdministrationNo needNeeds administration to domain controller
How to log inEach computer has separate user accountAccess to domain controller is enough. We can connect to any computer using our account which is stored in it.
How to make changesIndividual computer need to make separate changesChanges in domain controller effects total connected computers in that domain
ApplicationsHome, small officesLarge business networks